1979 NOS/Unworn Rolex GMT-Master ref. 16753 “Root Beer” w/ Hang Tags

    Up for grabs is a Rolex GMT-Master in steel and 18kt gold

    Reference 16753

    6.2 mil serial number circa 1979 production.

    An amazingly preserved watch. I can 1000% say surely it was never repolished since new and barely, if ever, worn.

    Let’s start with the case. Absolutely no signs of “sleeve polish” from wearing it, no dings, no dents, no scratches from being worn. No dirt, no scuffs, no scratches underneath the case where bracelet was been taken on and off to be cleaned or else.

    Numbers between the lugs are perfect and there is no dirt, corrosion or bracelet wear from being worn.

    Caseback sticker is original and shows age, but is not worn down from being worn or scratched off. Caseback itself is also perfect. Never been opened. Shows no tool marks, no scratches.

    Bezel ring is perfect, unpolished, damage free. Insert is perfect, no damage, no gunk/dirt.

    Here is the interesting part: the dial. The dial is perfect and has never been out of the watch as it was never opened before. As you can see in the first picture, that is how the watch was placed in drawer somewhere and must’ve sat for decades, without moving the movement/hands. Once you move the hour hand, you can see that tritium has actually “burnt” the dial’s paint and it reacted. It is perfectly in place of the hour hand. The reason we do not see such effect from GMT, Minutes, and Seconds hands is because the hour hand is stacked the closest to the dial and is on very bottom.

    Very beautifully aged patina on plots and hands with very vivid orange color.

    Bracelet is original, super tight, shows patina from age on gold parts and clasp is still “sticky” when opening.

    This watch was found with both of its hang tags still hanging off the bracelet, but unfortunately the box and papers were never located.

    Overall this is the closet to a truly “new” old watch you can find and its priced to be added in a collection where it will be on display for many more decades, not to wear and use it.

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