1957 Rolex Submariner 6536/1 w. Original Red Triangle Bezel Insert

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Up for grabs is a Rolex Submariner NCG

6536/1 reference with Cal. 1030 movement

306,XXX serial number circa mid 1957 production

This watch has been found and purchased from original owner’s widow when she put it up on eBay last May for incredible price and sold for “parts”. The watch was missing its crystal, the bezel was apart from the insert, the hands were gone except for the hour hand. The story goes that the original owner was wearing the watch when he was struck by lightning and tragically killed. The watch was damaged from impact on ground (the lower lug and bezel insert) and the crystal and hands popped out. It has been sitting in drawer since the 60’s. Since its purchase, the watch has been serviced by LAWW (they were the first to open the caseback and no other service marks are inside), gilt hands were installed, the bezel insert was remounted on the bezel, a new dome crystal was installed, a new strap watch added. The screen shots of eBay listing are attached as well as you can have access to possibly talk to original owner’s widow, if she accepts the request. 

The case is in very nice condition. Sharp lugs, no corrosion, no pitting, original chamfers. The numbers are super clear and fully intact. 

Dial is original, gilt chapter ring. The lacquer on the watch has aged and cracked and changed color, but there are no tool marks, no drag marks, no man-made damage. 

Bezel insert is original, correct “no-hash” with red-triangle for this year. 

Caseback is original, stamped 6536 and III.57 inside. 

Again, watch has been serviced and runs fine. 

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