1958 Rolex GMT-Master 6542 Solid Gold/Bakelite Brown Bezel/Tropical Dial

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Up for grabs is a Rolex GMT-Master in solid gold

First reference of GMT 6542

424,XXX serial number circa 1958 production

This is a fresh find, very honest and very original example for 6542/8. The watch has been found and obtained from the second nephew of the original owner. This watch has never been up for sale before, never been through another dealer’s hand and is presented exactly as found with nothing swapped or changed, added or subtracted (except for the leather strap of course). 

The case is in phenomenal vintage condition, especially for gold. The lugs are very thick, the original chamfers are clearly seen, the edges are very sharp. The top of the lugs seem to have “sleeve wear” with original brushed finish still barely visible. The numbers are extremely legible, there is no wear damage between lugs from bracelet, so it is believed the watch always been worn on strap during its life. 

Dial is extremely beautiful and all original, radium, chapter ring. The dial has a very even color change throughout to a very vivid caramel orange color. The dial is already brown from the factory, but this is lighter and more orange than other example. No refinish, no relume, no damage. 

Original Alpha style hands are also radium and match in patina. Original gold date disk with open 6’s and 9’s. 

The bezel ring is in excellent condition. Doesn’t seem to have been polished before or show much wear in form of dings or dents. The bakelite bezel insert is original, factory brown, with radium markers. 

Caseback is very crisp on outside and inside. Stamped 6542 inside. This watch appears to have only been serviced once before, in 1973 according to markings inside the caseback. 

Overall, it is an extremely attractive, original, and untouched piece. 

No box or papers. No documented service history. The watch runs and winds currently. Additional information about the original owner was presented verbally and is available to the buyer, but no documentation is available. 

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