1964 Rolex GMT-Master 1675 Gilt/Glossy Dial “Special Order” Watch

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Up for grabs is a Rolex GMT-Master in steel

1675 reference

1.18 mil serial number circa 1964 production

This particular watch is interesting as it has the last 3 digits of case serial number stamped inside the caseback. This was usually done for special order watches from Rolex and issued watches. The outside of the caseback appears to have been polished/refinished and its possible that any engraving could have been removed, either by accident or on purpose for privacy or other reasons. It is POSSIBLE that this watch a FAP (Fuerza Aerea Del Peru) issued watch or simply a special order watch by another company or retailer. Unfortunately there is no provenance to prove this one way or another, but the watch was found and came from South America to me. There is, however, an example which was sold at auction with box and papers with very similar inside stamp and within close serial number range as this watch which was confirmed FAP (I’ve attached a picture for reference). Either way, this is simply a “talking point” about the watch and I am not placing any “mark-up” because of the stamp. 

The case is in excellent vintage condition with thick lugs and chamfers. Serial and reference numbers are fully intact and clearly visible. 

Dial is original, glossy and gilt in excellent condition. There is some aging on dial in form of spidering of lacquer, but the dial still remain very glossy and has no man made damage. Luminous is original on plots and hands. No relume. Nice yellow patina throughout. Correct and original white date disk with open 6’s and 9’s. 

Bezel is a very attractive ghost and burgundy red without any obvious wear or damage from wear. 

Caseback is as described earlier. 

Watch comes on unworn vintage leather with steel buckle. No box or papers. 

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