1967 Rolex Explorer ref. 5500 Gilt/Glossy Dial, 34mm Boxes, Purchase Receipt

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Up for grabs is a Rolex Explorer 

reference 5500, 34mm, automatic

1.7 mil serial number circa 1966 production

Excellent vintage condition case with nice case and clear numbers. 

Dial is original, gilt and glossy with very nice patina. No relume, no refinish. Lacquer is still very glossy and dial shows no chips, major scratches, etc. It is very hard to capture, but under the loupe there are very fine lines, as if “brushstrokes”, probably from watchmaker cleaning it off during service in past. Very hard to see but fully disclosed. 

Caseback is original and correct stamped 1002 and III.66 

Watch comes complete with Rolex boxes and also comes with purchase receipt from UK AD dated in 1972 and describes a Rolex Explorer as purchase item. 

No service history. 

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