SOLD 1977 Rolex GMT-Master 1675 Root Beer

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Up for grabs is a Rolex GMT-Master 

1675 reference in steel and 14kt yellow gold with brown nipple dial

5.1 mil serial number circa 1977

Excellent condition case. No dings, dents, or scratches. Very thick lugs with original bevels. Serial and reference numbers are crisp and intact. No corrosion or pitting on case. 

Dial is flawless brown. No scratching, spotting, corrosion, or uneven aging. Hands are original and show typical corrosion. Date disk is correct with open 6’s and 9’s. Luminous material has aged to creamy patina. Crystal has some light scratches. 

Bezel is very crisp, seems to be untouched. There is even patina on gold from sitting around for a long time and not being cleaned/polished (see pics). 

Fat font insert is practically flawless with no scratches or fading. 

Bracelet is excellent Rolex Oyster 78363 in steel and 14kt yellow gold. Evidently, it is original to the watch with “A” date code. Practically no stretch. Comes with 13 links and 480 J end-links. Coronet on clasp is very crisp and defined.

Caseback is excellent and stamped 1675. I believe the watch has never been opened before me based on condition of lock teeth and absence of any service marks inside caseback. 

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